On the radio Thursday, October 27th at 7:45 AM, EDT on the "Curtis Sliwa Show"

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On Thursday, October 27th, at about 7:45 AM, Eastern Daylight Savings Time, I am scheduled to be a guest on the Curtis Sliwa Radio Show that is broadcast from the heart of Manhattan from the Empire State Building.  It will be a quick segment and we will be discussing the recently released FBI Gang Threat Assessment and the ways in which various political “leaders” are not only ignoring the growing threat posed by violent gangs but taking measures that exacerbate the crisis! 

Here is a link to that report in its entirety:

Here is a link to my commentary about the FBI’s threat assessment concerning gangs:
Meanwhile, as virtually every city in our nation is threatened by the potential of terrorist attacks and increasing levels of gang violence, involving transnational gangs, members of the New York City Council are working to prevent ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) from lodging detainers in the city’s prisons so that aliens subject to deportation can be removed from our city and hence our nation!

Furthermore on June 1, 2011, New York’s Governor Cuomo issued a press release stating that he would suspend New York State’s participation in the Secure Communities Program that was created to facilitate the identification and removal of criminal aliens from New York State prisons!

Here is a link to that press release:

Here is the commentary I wrote about the Governor’s insane decision:

In the very unlikely event that you are unfamiliar with Curtis, he is the founder of a civilian community-based volunteer organization known as the Guardian Angels which acts to protect the residents of communities.  His organization’s website is:


Here is the link to the AM radio station in New York City (AM-970) that carries Curtis’ excellent program:

I hope you will be listening!

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