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  1. I belong to the 56 Club (Constitutional group) that you attended with Rep Cindy Pugh months ago in
    Eagan, MN. I was wondering when and if you were coming back to the MPLS/ST PAUL area again.
    I thought your speech was very informing.

  2. I am writing to ask if you are an expert in immigration/VAWA fraud or can refer me to an expert. This legislative report makes reference to a retired agent Cutler, but am not sure if it is you:

    I am the petitioner in the annulment matter, Duarte v. Asparren, Alameda County Case no. AF 13666883. In my annulment matter, it would be helpful to have an expert testify as to the conduct of the respondent (demanding the green card shortly after marriage, disappearance after 4 months of marriage upon being confronted about immigration intentions for marriage, and transfers abroad of thousands of dollars of assets concealed from the court).

    Thank you.
    José Duarte

  3. mr cutler i just read a report about me being deported from america and arrested there,,,you got all wrong,,i entered the country very easily,,homeland security are a joke,,i wasnt arrested in traffic stop,,i did a hell off a lot more than cops are saying because they couldnt find any off the .????i was selling which were a few thousand,,but i liked your story,,p.s. give kevin cruz and parker my homeland security and bruce norum in the office in montana where i stayed with one off his officers randy,,good luck you all need it it as americas security is in the hans off idiots..

  4. Hi Michael,

    I just watched you on a presentation about immigration at the NewsMax channel on television. You are so totally correct in EVERYTHING you said! Over many years I’ve done lots of in-depth research on ‘political issues’. Regarding ‘illegal immigration, perhaps the best study I’ve seen is by Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation. His work shows that each illegal immigrant is a net drain on the USA economy of about $22,500 per year. If you consider that there are probably at the very least about 20 million illegal immigrants in our country now, possibly even upward of 35 million, that 20 million accounts for a drain on the USA economy of about $440 billion dollars each year. We simply cannot afford that.

    The mainstream media is doing everything it can to promote what amounts to total amnesty for at least 20 million illegals. As we both know, the government figures say that there are only about 11 million illegals, and that is a TOTAL lie.

    I’ve also done lots of research about Barack Obama’s country of origin. After he was first elected in 2008,…virtually all of the major African newspapers said essentially the same thing, that they were so proud and happy that their ‘Kenyan born son’ was elected as President of the USA. I have those articles from the African newspapers. Many Africans have also experienced being under the thumb of brutal dictators who RULE their countries, …so many of the major African newspapers also said that Barack Obama was now the ‘RULER’ of America. Also, the Kenyan Parliament took a few days off to celebrate that their ‘Kenyan born son’ is now the President/RULER of America.

    Michael, I’m wondering if you have a newsletter that you can email to me whenever that might be published. I’d love to talk with you about a possible strategy to prevent Obama from going through with his very unconstitutional approach to amnesty. Also, by any standards Barack Obama is guilty of high treason, by fraudulently lying about his country of birth. He never was eligible to become President of the United States of America. Please feel free to give me a call in Seattle, at 206-659-0173. Also, please do NOT let this letter to you be publicly visible or shown. I’m guessing that your great website is closely watched by the Obama Administration. So, when you read what I’ve written to you, I would greatly appreciate it if you would remove/DELETE what I’ve written from the public postings of your website. Thank you. I’m looking forward to talking with you.

    Best Regards, Terry

    Phone: 206-659-0173

  5. Mike, I’m at a loss of how to proceed peacefully on physically securing the border from illegal aliens. I’m talking shoulder to shoulder, 4 soldiers deep. Keep open the already established points/ports of entry. What’s you take on Obama’s being a foreigner?
    Thanks, Bob

  6. You keep saying Legal immigration is good…….Are you aware of all the immigrants brought in
    since 1965 only 56% have become Naturalized? The message I get is the people aren’t coming for love of country but love of welfare. There is a reason welfare is still as high as in 1965 when the War on poverty was launched….now @ $22 TRILLION.


    Seal the border as secure as we have in Korea for 60 years. Congress promised this in 1986.

    Mandate E-Verify so all workers are legal workers! Congress promised this in 1986.

    Make it a felony to enter the country illegally or overstay a visa.

    Require proof of citizenship for any welfare.

    End aid to any country that refuses to take back their citizen being deported from the United States.

    Amend the IMM & NAT ACT (H.R. 140 & S. 301) to require one parent to be a parent for a child born in the U.S. to be a citizen.

    Amend the IMM & NAT ACT to define a Natural Born Citizen as a child born to parents who are both citizens at the time of birth.

    Repeal the antiquated and biased Cuban Adjustment Act. Treat any Cuban that enters the country illegally the same as any other illegal alien.

    Repeal the Temporary Protection Status Program which is simply a backdoor to citizenship and has proven not to be temporary.

    Repeal the Family reunification program as recommended in 1990.

    Repeal the Diversity Visa. Currently the Federal Government offers Obamacare in 150 different languages which shows more than adequate diversity.

    Reduce annual legal immigration levels to those of pre 1965 of roughly 250K. Require all applicants to have a sponsor, be educated, have a skill and speak English.

    Dramatically reduce Temporary Worker Visas to end undercutting American workers wages.

  8. Just heard a rebroadcast on 970am Thank You for speaking out! I have run ins daily with illegal border crossers from many countries.. We are 50 miles from the border and 11 miles from a checkpoint and have gangmembers, coyotes w/groups of people, drug runners, etc passing through our property.. You know it’s bad when the first question the BP asks us is if anybody is being held against our will…and yes we have had to arm ourselves to the hilt since we can’t depend on anybody taking care of us lol…they just show to mark out the body’s or take those that are trespassing…

  9. Dear Mr. Cutler;
    I recently listed to you on KNEWS (Palm Springs, CA) 970am radio during the Elise Richmond Show. I was thoroughly impressed sir! Thank you so much for your service, your insight and enthusiasm about Homeland Security and immigration issues. I retired last March after 24 years as a deputy sheriff with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, all of it “on the streets.”

    During my years of service I came into contact with thousands of illegal aliens (not undocumented immigrants as most of the media likes to refer to them) and deported perhaps as many as a thousand. I became amusingly known among fellow deputies as “Border Patrol Bob,” because of my many deportations, arrests and turn-overs. Over the years I became incredibly frustrated as slowly but surely there became a “hands off policy,” to look the other way during the changing political winds. Eventually even ICE wouldn’t go to the jails to retrieve illegal aliens being released from county jails.

    I’m very much looking forward to meeting you on February 16 when you speak at the Rally America event in Rancho Mirage. I retired to the Palm Springs area and have known Elise and Bob Richmond for the past couple of years. My background has some similarities as yours as my grandparents were Russian and Polish Jewish immigrants in the very early 1900s. Again thank you sir. God Bless you!

  10. You say: My grandfather was a Cossack. I never knew there were Jewish Cossacks.
    I applaud every American with Constitutional allegiance but wonder why no one sees the immigration problem as an invasion and lack of response in violation of Constitutional Art 4 Sec 4.
    Perhaps not enough know the story of the Cossack betrayal after WWII by the same forces that are to day behind our immigration invasion.

  11. You say: “My grandfather was a Cossack.”
    Perhaps not enough know the story of the Cossack betrayal after WWII by the same forces that are to day behind our immigration invasion. Perhaps we are all Cossack now!

    I applaud every American with Constitutional allegiance but wonder why no one sees the immigration problem as an invasion and lack of response in violation of Constitutional Art 4 Sec 4.

  12. Heard Michael speak at Rally America in Rancho Mirage yesterday. Thank you Michael for being on the front line in this war against the U. S. Constitution and our freedoms. You made some very good points to take to heart. God bless you and keep talking.

  13. I like the title of your article article: “What Are You Really Willing to Do to Stop Terrorists From Entering the US?”

    May I pose a question back to you? What if you could defund terrorism in general by lowering the price of crude oil? Would you be willing to get involved?

  14. how can I get all of your articles to read, or do you have a book out with all of this stuff inside ?Thanks, Terry

  15. Are you ever in the Central Valley area of California — specifically Carmel, California???
    I would love to attend an event if your answer to my question is yes.
    What is your fee to speak before a group ??

    Jeanette Dippell

  16. I try to never miss Gunther’s show on WAEB when you are on. You always make may day. Anyway I have had a poster hanging in my office for the last 35+ years that has fit every screwy situation Washington dream up.
    “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.” This was said by Groucho Marks over 50 years ago.

  17. Hi Michael,

    Ann Ubelis is a mutual friend and I have Co-Hosted on her Radio Show. Ann asked me to contact you with regards to my plight. Would apreciate your feedback to the following:

    My personal story is in contrast regarding illegal aliens. I have all legal documents and court audio showing government admission of wrong-doing. My FOIA even states a few times that they are “feared of media attention”. They just haven’t corrected or been held accountable for what they have caused; near death experiences included. This is still ongoing for 9 years.

  18. I love listening to you when you are on with Bobby WAEB radio. I believe I have agreed with everything you have said since your first time on with Bobby. Keep up the good work. It is a shame Washington hears us but cooses not to listen since we, the people do not agree with them.

  19. Donald Genesse
    9219 Belgrade Ter
    Englewood Fl 34224
    DR. Cutler,
    I have been a subscriber of your newsletters for a while now and have enjoyed them. I have a personal issue I am hoping you can help me with. I served in Vietnam (DaNang) in 1969 and 1970. The Air Force was spraying agent Orange (based out of DaNang) very heavily during the whole time I was there. I was constantly exposed to agent Orange over spray and agent Orange contaminants in the air. About 25 years after I returned from Vietnam I was diagnosed with Barrettes Esophagus and Peripheral Neuropathy (I do not have diabetes). The Veterans Administration (VA) has identified that both of these conditions can be caused by agent Orange exposure. Both of these conditions are associated with agent Orange exposure. I have filed a claim with the VA for compensation and the claim has been disapproved. Their reasoning is I waited too long. They would only approve my request for compensation if I filed within a year of leaving Vietnam. Fortunately for my health my specific issues didn’t manifest for quite a few years. I appealed their decision and the VA said if I could get a doctor to provide documentation that conditions like mine may not be identified for years after being exposed to agent Orange they would approve my request for compensation.
    So, my question to you is, do you have any documentation that shows conditions like mine could take longer than a year to be diagnosed? I have searched the internet extensively and have found articles identifying a lot of conditions including mine that are caused by agent Orange, but none of them identify that these issues my not show up until years later. Thank you for your time and consideration, any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Don Genesse

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