"Trump’s Shaky ‘Immigration Pillars’ Will Compromise National Security"

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On September 11, 2017 Newsmax published my commentary: Trump’s Shaky ‘Immigration Pillars’ Will Compromise National Security.

My commentary today focused on President Trump’s State of the Union Address, specifically his supposed solutions to the immigration crisis that he has so properly identified as playing major roles in national security, public safety and jobs for Americans.

In point of fact, it is reasonable to say that his position on immigration was the issue that enabled him to win the election last year.

However, I have serious misgivings about  President Trump’s “Four Pillars” to address the multiple failures of the immigration system.

I believe that he truly cares about the issues in a way that we have not seen in decades.  It is important that we convey our concerns to our elected officials including the President so that proper decisions are made.  Where national security is concerned, there are no “do overs!”

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