Media appearances today, Thursday, September 13th beginning at 9:00 AM, Eastern Time

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Today, Thursday, September 13, 2014 is an important day for Americans to remember- it marks the 13th anniversary of the worst terror attacks ever carried out on American soil.
It is apparent that the “All Clear” has not sounded.  While President Obama has, for the past 6 years demonstrated incredible reluctance to even use the word terrorists or acknowledge that international terrorists still threaten American lives abroad and, in  fact inside the United States, last night, September 10th he finally acknowledged that we are at war with terrorists- specifically, ISIS. 
I will be appearing on two television programs and one radio show today to discuss the immigration/DHS components of the threats posed by ISIS and other terrorist organizations.  These issues are being avoided by most news organizations and it is vital for all Americans to understand where immigration fits into the bigger picture.  In point of fact, the president did not utter a single word about the DHS nor did the journalists who covered Mr. Obama’s speech.  This omission should give us all “cause for pause” and we will delve into this and what the implications are for America’s national security and the safety of Americans and, indeed, all who are in the United States.
Here is the rundown for my interviews today.
First at 9:00 AM, Eastern Daylight Saving Time I will be a guest on the news program, “American Forum” hosted by JD Hayworth on NewsMax-TV:
Watch Newsmax TV live by going to the link to the program, or you can tune into DIRECTV 349 or DISH 223
unknown.gifJD Hayworth 

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