Videos of my interview by Scott Drake of the Legal Broadcast Network in Phoenix, Arizona

Hi Gang:

As you probably know at the end of July I traveled to Arizona to participate in a rally and to address a seminar at an event that was referred to as the Immigration Policy Summit. Part of the reason for my having been invited to participate in the events on that weekend were the direct result of my having provided the law firm that was retained by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer with a declaration in support of Arizona’s new immigration law, SB 1070 to help defend her state against the lawsuit filed by the United States Department of Justice seeking to block the implementation of that law.

When I arrived in Phoenix I immediately went to the studios of the Legal Broadcast Network to tape an interview with Scott Drake to discuss immigration. My interview was divided into 4 sections and I have provided you with links to those segments of my interview below.

I encourage you to not only watch those videos but, if you find them helpful, pass them along so that we can create a “bucket brigade of truth.”

Thank you.

-michael cutler-

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