“Undocumented” a documentary on illegal immigration- I appear in this film

Hi Gang:

As you no doubt know, ever since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 I have been determined to provide my perspectives on the immigration crisis that is challenging our nation in so many diverse ways- impacting everything from national security and criminal justice to the economy, the environment, healthcare, education and a veritable laundry list of other such issues.

About four years ago I was invited to participate in a debate on immigration at Farmers Branch, Texas, a town located near Dallas, Texas. The city council of that town was attempting to enact a local ordinance that would make providing housing and jobs to illegal aliens a crime under local statutes- my appearance at that debate was made in conjunction with that ordinance. (It passed by a significant margin)

While I was at that event a young man by the name of Justin Malone approached me and asked me if he could interview me, on camera, after the debate, for a film he was working on. I agreed and was impressed by his approach to the immigration issue.

Months passed and he contacted me when I was back in New York and he asked if I would be interested in being interviewed by him and his crew in New York City. I gladly accepted his invitation to, once again, provide my perspectives.

The film, “Undocumented” is finally being released tomorrow- with the premier to be held at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, Texas. I hope it will ultimately coming to a theater near you!

The local CBS affiliated station in Dallas interviewed Justin yesterday- here is the link to the news report about the documentary:


Here is the trailer to the documentary:

I welcome every opportunity to engage in a debate about the immigration crisis. The biggest challenge we face is to make certain that the debate is conducted on “level ground.”

I believe that the documentary provided that essential “level ground” and I am proud to be a part of this important film.

-michael cutler-

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