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This morning, Tuesday, July 16th at 8:45 AM, Eastern Daylight Saving Time, I will be a guest on  Bobby Gunther Walsh’s program on NewsTalk 790 WAEB that is broadcast from Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.

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We will be discussing the rally that was conducted on July 15th in Washington to protest “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”  By the Black American Leadership Alliance.

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My prepared statement for the rally is attached below.

I hope you will be listening!

Immigration is not a single issue but a singular issue that impacts nearly every challenge and threat confronting the United States today!  Simply stated, the immigration laws were enacted to save lives and protect the jobs of American workers.

Our armed forces are charged with securing America’s borders externally while the DHS is supposed to secure those same borders from within.  The failures of the DHS to live up to its half of the equation are undermining the efforts, valor and incredible sacrifices of Americas men and women who serve in our military!

If our government’s failures to protect American jobs by securing our nation’s borders and effectively enforcing our immigration laws concerns you or especially if it angers you, I ask you to call your Senators and Congressional “Representative. This is not only your right- it is your obligation! 

All I ask is that you make it clear to our politicians that we are not as dumb as they hope we are!

We live in a perilous world and in a perilous era. The survival of our nation and the lives of our citizens hang in the balance.

This is neither a Conservative issue, nor is it a Liberal issue- simply stated, this is most certainly an AMERICAN issue!

You are either part of the solution or you are a part of the problem!

Democracy is not a spectator sport!

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

-michael cutler- 

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DC March For Jobs on July 15, 2013

Statement of Michael W. Cutler, Senior Special Agent, INS (Ret.)

The First Amendment not only provides for freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedom of religion but also addresses the right of Americans to seek redress of grievances and the right for peaceable assemblage.

We the People have traveled to Washington from across America to peaceably assemble today and seek redress of our grievances- specifically, our opposition to Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

The late, great talk show host Terry Anderson used to say, “If you ain’t mad, you ain’t paying attention!”

We the People are paying attention and to borrow a quote from the film “Network,” “We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more!”

Our immigration laws are among the most important and fundamental of all of our laws.

Immigration is not a single issue but a singular issue that has a tremendous impact on virtually every threat and challenge that confronts America and Americans from coast to coast and border to border. While we are on the topic of borders, it is vital to understand that the United States has 50 border states- any state that has a seaport or an international airport is as much a border state as are those states that lie along America’s northern and southern borders.

Our borders are America’s first line of defense and her last line of defense.

Our borders and our immigration laws are not bargaining chips for politicians who are willing to betray America and the Americans they were elected to represent to advance their political objectives and garner huge campaign contributions.

America’s immigration laws were enacted to achieve two primary goals- protect innocent lives and the jobs of American workers, by preventing the entry of criminals, spies, terrorists, human rights violators, war criminals and fugitives from justice as well as those who would work illegally and provide unfair competition for American workers; thereby causing Americans to lose their jobs or suffer lower wages. The CBP inspectors, who are charged with inspecting those foreign nationals who seek to enter the United States, are not unlike diligent homeowners who makes certain to look through the peephole before admitting strangers into their homes. ICE enforcement personnel are supposed to track down and apprehend aliens who violate our immigration laws and conduct investigations to instill integrity to the immigration system which, at present, provides more than one million aliens with lawful immigrant status each year along with hundreds of thousands of foreign workers who are authorized to work in the United States.

America’s immigration laws make no distinction as to race, religion or ethnicity- only to distinguish citizens from non-citizens. The legal term for a non-citizen is “alien.” The term “Alien” does not constitute hate speech. The immigration laws define an alien as simply being any person who is not a citizen or national of the United States. There is no insult in the term “Alien” only clarity- clarity that the advocates for Comprehensive Immigration Reform seek to avoid at all costs.

Let me provide a bit of clarity today- the difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien is comparable to the difference between a houseguest and a burglar. We all love company but not when strangers climb through our bedroom windows in the middle of the night!

The “Gang of Eight” and their cronies say that our immigration system is broken. The failures of the immigration system are attributable to failures to enforce the immigration laws. While nature’s laws don’t depend on human intervention, laws that are enacted by our government become worthless when they are not enforced. Failures to enforce laws result in anarchy. This is why the 1986 Amnesty failed to fix the supposed broken immigration system. There was a lack of resources allocated to enforce the immigration laws in 1986 and Comprehensive Immigration Reform does not provide for effective immigration law enforcement either.

Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different outcome. Attempting to fix the immigration system by engaging in another amnesty would represent insanity and while the immigration anarchists may suffer from insanity or perhaps greed- we don’t!

Comprehensive Immigration Reform should be renamed the Terrorist Assistance and Facilitation Act because it would provide millions, indeed likely tens of millions, of illegal aliens, whose identities, backgrounds and ultimate intentions are unknown and unknowable, with official identity documents. There would be no resources to conduct in-person interviews or field investigations to seek to uncover fraud. The 9/11 Commission identified immigration fraud as being the method of choice for terrorists to enter the United States and embed themselves in the United States.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform flies in the face of the findings and recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and also flies in the face of commonsense. Today millions of hard-working Americans are unemployed and underemployed. Comprehensive Immigration Reform would serve to provide many millions of foreign workers with authority to work in the United States and an equal standing in an already over-crowded labor pool of American workers who are desperate for decent jobs. This would be devastating to struggling American workers and their families. In point of fact, the unemployment and poverty rates are disproportionately highest among American Blacks and American Latinos.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform would also provide for the admission of many more high-tech workers which would drive down the wages and likely cost the jobs of many Americans who have acquired the training, education and skills that used to be synonymous with the “American Dream.”

If you believe it makes sense to provide millions of illegal aliens with employment authorization and to import even more highly skilled foreign workers while unemployed and underemployed Americans of every race and ethnicity are losing their homes to foreclosure and losing their tenuous grip on their American Dreams, then you would be gullible enough to think that if your boat had a hole in the bottom that you should drill more holes to let the water out!

Immigration enforcement has been erroneously identified as being a “Conservative issue.” This is nonsense- immigration is an American issue!

On a personal note, I have been a registered Democrat ever since I cast my first ballot more than four decades ago. I am the son of an immigrant, my mother legally immigrated to the United States as the storm clouds that preceded the Holocaust were gathering on the horizon in her native Poland. I was, in fact, named for my mother’s mother who was killed in the Holocaust because of her religion- we are Jews. I am also pro-labor, my dad will always be my biggest hero, he was a construction worker- a plumber. He and his buddies in the construction trades helped to build this country. Comprehensive Immigration Reform is anti-labor. Comprehensive Immigration Reform is Anti-American!

Both political parties bear responsibility for the immigration crisis which has been decades in the making. It was the Reagan administration that provided the first disastrous amnesty and it was the administration of George W. Bush that, in the wake of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, sent Border Patrol agents to secure the borders of Iraq against the entry of terrorists and insurgents, but left our borders open.

It has been said that you only get one opportunity to make a first impression. For most foreigners who enter or seek to enter the United States, our immigration laws provide that first impression. The statements of the President as well as the advocates for Comprehensive Immigration Reform make it clear that in the United States, violations of our laws and our borders will not only go unpunished but will be rewarded. Is that the sort of first impression that serves us well?

If you believe that Chuck Schumer, Marco Rubio and the other six gangsters are looking out for American workers and their families, then you would believe that the person who puts cheese on a mousetrap is compassionate and just trying to feed hungry mice!

It is not “Anti-Immigrant” to advocate for the enforcement of our immigration laws. In fact, it is America’s ethnic immigrant communities and those who reside in those communities who are most at risk from violent crimes perpetrated by transnational criminals from around the world who have found, in the lack of security of our borders and lack of effective immigration law enforcement, opportunities to enter the United States and embed themselves in those immigrant communities.

It is also not “Anti-Immigrant” to be “Pro-American!”

Charity must begin at home!

The next time you hear a speech by one of the “Eight Gangsters” or their cohorts, I want you to think of this quote from George Orwell:

Political language…it is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

In his Gettysburg Address, President Abraham Lincoln ever so eloquently spoke of our government as being “Of the people, by the people and for the people!” Today there are politicians, from both sides of the political aisle, who are eager to invoke the “American Dream” as a virtual entitlement for illegal aliens. They blithely ignore the plight of American citizens living in poverty and ignore the struggles of American citizens to attain their thin slice of the American Dream. These supposed political representatives are failing to live up to President Lincoln’s aspirational description of our government and need to be sent packing!

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