On the radio, Tuesday, December 6th at 8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on the Helen Glover Show

Hi Gang:

This Tuesday, as I do on just about every Tuesday- at 8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, I will be a guest on the excellent Helen Glover Show which is broadcast on Providence, Rhode Island’s Radio Station, WHJJ. 

You can listen to Helen’s show online at:
Immigration is emerging as one of the most important issues in the minds of the citizens of our nation yet it would certainly appear that all too many of our elected “representatives” and other politicians who are supposed to “lead” with the consent of their constituents are blatantly ignoring the will of their constituents and their oaths of office!
In fact, while some claim immigration is a single issue, in my judgement, it is a singular issue because it significantly impacts virtually every challenge and threat confronting our nation today! 
Helen and I will be discussing several important news reports ranging from the sealing of records relating to the ATF’s “Operation Fast and Furious” to the newest unemployment figures that would seem to show that jobless rates are dropping to a recent visa fraud investigation into how foreign students, including two from Egypt, succeeded in gaming the visa process to attend flight school in the United States.
Here is the link to the visa fraud story as it appears on my website:


I hope you will be listening!
-michael cutler-

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I hope you will be listening!  (Please tell your friends and neighbors!)
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