On the radio today for a "Double Header"

Hi Gang:

I will be doing a radio “Double-Header” today, Thursday, May 26th.
At 3:15 PM, Eastern Daylight Savings Time I will be a guest on the wonderful Alana Burke Show.  I have become a “regular” on her show and it is always a joy to be on the air with her.
Alana does a great job of getting important information out to her audience in an engaging way and I thoroughly enjoy being on her show that is broadcast from Redding, California on Radio Station KCNR-1460AM.
Today we will be discussing an important Fox News program, “Secrets of 9/11” that aired this past weekend and delved into how the terrorists who savagely attacked our naton nearly ten years ago, were provided with assistance from other foreign nationals who facilitated the attacks.  In conjunction with this news report, we will also talk about a recent commentary I wrote for CAPS (Californians for Population Stabilization) that was entitled, “What’s in a Name?”
I have provided you with links to her show’s websites where you can listen online: 
Alana Burke
The Alana Burke Show
Unabashed, Unafraid and Unadulterated Conservative Talk Radio

At 4:00 PM, Eastern Daylight Savings Time, I will be guest hosting a terrific internet radio program on the USA Talk Radio Network that is usually hosted by Tom Garcia and his co-host Paula Lauzon-Ostman.  I will join Paula on the show that is known as “The American Hour Radio Show.”
Tom is an American Airlines pilot and was formerly a naval aviator who had been an instructor at “Top Gun.”  He was also a candidate for Congress from the state of Florida.
We are making plans for me to have a show on this new network that is Tom’s brainchild and this should be happening within a matter of weeks- I will keep you posted as this plan comes together!
Here is the link for this program:
I hope you will be listening to both terrific shows!
-michael cutler-

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