On the radio this evening, Friday, July 18th at 7:00 PM, Eastern Daylight Saving Time

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Happy Friday!

This evening, July 18th At 7:00 PM, Eastern Daylight Saving Time, I will be hosting my radio program “The Michael Cutler Hour.”

My focus will be the lunacy of the continuing crisis on the US/Mexican border.  

My guest this evening will be Kevin Martin of Project 21. 

Speakers Bureau: Kevin Martin

Kevin MartinKevin Martin is a member of the National Advisory Council of the Project 21 black leadership network. An environmental contractor in the Washington-Baltimore area and a long-time public policy commentator, Kevin frequently appears on the Fox News Channel and typically is interviewed by radio talk shows over 70 times each year on behalf of Project 21. 

Comments may be sent to Project21@nationalcenter.org.

Kevin contributed to the press release issued by Project 21’s National Center:

National Center for Public Policy Research press release

Here is the link to that press release which focused on the immigration crisis:


To provide you with some background information:

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