On the radio, Monday, May 16th on the "American Hour" at 4:00PM, EDT

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I will be on the radio Monday, May 16th at 4:00 PM, Eastern Daylight Savings Time on a show, “American Hour” hosted by CDR Tom Garcia and Paula Lauzon-Ostman.  Tom is an American Airlines pilot who had previously been a Naval aviator and visiting “Top Gun” instructor.  I met him when I had hosted an internet radio show back when he was a candidate for the United States Congress from Florida and he was a guest on my show a number of times.  He has started his own radio program on a new internet radio network that he is putting together- the USA Talk Radio Network,  and I am thrilled to be on his show!
I have provided you with the press release about the show below.
Here is the link to the program:
As always, I hope you will be listening!

The practice of good citizenship does not end in the voting booth, it only begins there.

The large scale apathy demonstrated by citizens of this nation has emboldened elected representatives to all but ignore the needs of the average American citizen in a quest for massive campaign funds and the promises of votes to be ostensibly delivered by special interest groups. There is much that we cannot do but there is one thing that We the People absolutely must do- we must stop sitting on the sidelines!

The collective failure of We the People to get involved in make our concerns known to our politicians have nearly made the concerns of the great majority of the citizens of this nation all but irrelevant to the politicians.  

I believe our nation’s is greatly benefited by the rich diversity of our people which is why I could never imagine living anywhere except New York City, arguably the most diverse city in our nation if not, in fact, the world.  However, my idea of diversity most certainly does not include members of MS-13, the Mexican drug cartels or members of other transnational gangs or members of al-Qaeda!

If the failures of our government concerns you or especially if it angers you, I ask you to call your Senators and Congressional Representatives.  This is not only your right- it is your obligation! 

All I ask is that you make it clear to our politicians that we are not as dumb as they hope we are!

We live in a perilous world and in a perilous era. The survival of our nation and the lives of our citizens hang in the balance.

This is neither a Conservative issue, nor is it a Liberal issue- simply stated, this is most certainly an AMERICAN issue!

You are either part of the solution or you are a part of the problem!

Democracy is not a spectator sport!

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

-michael cutler- 

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