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Today is Tuesday and, as you may know I am, on Tuesdays mornings, a guest on the Helen Glover Show which is broadcast from Providence, Rhode Island on Radio Station WHJJ.  I will be on Helen’s show from 8:30 AM until 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time.  She has a wonderful show and it is always a joy to be on her program!  This is a terrific way to start the day!
We plan to discuss two extremely important stories.
First of all, as you may know, hearings are being conducted by a couple of Congressional committees into the ATF debacles known as “Project Gun Runner” and “Fast and Furious” which resulted, purportedly, in agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms instructing firearms dealers to permit many hundreds of functioning firearms including extremely high powered weapons to “walk” that is to say be delivered by “straw purchasers” to members of the Mexican drug cartels.  At least one of these weapons turned up at the killing of United States Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry several months ago.
It would appear that the authority to allow this unprecedented tactic to play out had to come from way up in the chain of command at the ATF or, perhaps, the Department of Justice.  Numerous newspaper and television accounts of this bizarre case have made it clear that members of the ATF and the gun dealers were all extremely upset with this tactic.
Now the question is, who in blazes came up with this scheme?
(There is a very apt Yiddish expression that, when translated says, “When a fish goes bad, it smells from the head!”)
The other topic of great concern is that New York’s Governor Cuomo is showing an apparent disregard for the safety of the residents of the State of New York and other who visit the Empire State.  He has decided to suspend New York’s participation in the “Secure Communities Program” which is supposed to enable ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to work cooperatively with local and state law enforcement agencies to identify aliens who are subject to removal (deportation) who have committed serious crimes.
On Wednesday, June 15th I will be providing testimony before a hearing that is to be held by the New York State Senate’s Homeland Security Committee that is chaired by New York State Senator Greg Ball that will explore the ramifications of this wrong-headed decision by Gov. Cuomo.
Here is the link to Helen’s excellent program:
I hope you will be listening!
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