On the radio for a "Radio Double Header" Tuesday, November 1st (on the Helen Glover and the Armstrong Williams Radio shows)

Hi Gang:

I will be on the radio tomorrow, Tuesday, November 1st, for a radio “Double Header.”
First, as I do on just about every Tuesday- at 8:00 AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time, I will be a guest on the excellent Helen Glover Show which is broadcast on Providence, Rhode Island’s Radio Station, WHJJ 

Helen and I will be discussing the issue of in-state tuition for illegal aliens and how this betrays American students and American workers of all ethnicities.  It is incomprehensible that a time when American families are finding it increasingly difficult to support themselves, pay their mortgages and afford to send their children to college that politicians in Washington and in a number of cities and states are determined to provide in-state tuition to illegal aliens.  It must be presumed that the politicians who are behind t his push will next seek to provide such college graduates with a pathway to a green card and United States citizenship- likely claiming that now that we have provided them with an education, they should be permitted to work in the United States.  
As it is, there are a number of business as well as political leaders who have already stated that we should attach a green card to every advanced degree given to alien students.
While so much consideration is being given to illegal aliens, and while so much is being made of the “Need to create jobs,” the issue of making certain the American college graduates and American workers, get those jobs- especially in this era in which record numbers of Americans are unemployed or under-employed!
You can listen to Helen’s show online at:
Then at 4:30 PM Easter Daylight Savings Time, I will be a guest on the Armstrong Williams Radio Show.  We plan to discuss the frustrations of the citizens of our country that relate to our nation’s failures to secure our nation’s borders and create an immigration system that has real integrity.
Here is a link to Armstrong’s excellent website-
Armstrong’s show is broadcast live, daily on WGCV Radio in Columbia, WLMC Georgetown, SC, WCPK Chesapeake, VA, from 4-5:00 PM and is rebroadcast on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio New 128 daily from 7:00 until 8:00 PM. EDT.

You may listen to his live broadcast from 4-5:00 PM, EDT online at: 
As always, I hope you will be listening!
-michael cutler-

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