On the radio for a "Double-Header" on Friday, August 5th

Hi Gang:

I will be doing a radio “Double Header” later today, Friday, August 5th. 

First I will be a guest on a fabulous radio show that I have been a guest on countless times over the past decade, “Talk Back” hosted by Chuck Wilder.  I will be on from 3:25 PM, Eastern Daylight Savings Time until about 3:55 PM, EDT.

Here is the link to Chuck’s show:

Then, from 4:00 PM, Eastern Daylight Savings Time, until 5:00 PM EDT, I will be guest hosting “The American Hour,” a terrific internet radio program on the USA Talk Radio Network that is usually hosted by Tom Garcia.  Tom is an American Airlines pilot and was formerly a naval aviator who had been an instructor at “Top Gun.”  He was also a candidate for Congress from the state of Florida.

It is a privilege to be guest-hosting his show!

I will be joined today by Ellen Karis an amazing comedian who, in her prior life, was a “Wall Streeter.”

She has been a guest on many top-rated television programs.

Here is the link to Ellen’s website:

While there is little humor to be found in our nation’s economy, (unless you enjoy train-wrecks), she can provide a very unique perspective on our nation’s continuing economic meltdown.

Here is the link for the program:

I hope you will be listening!

(Please tell you friends too!)

-michael cutler-

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