"NYPD Officers to Start Carrying Heroin Antidote" Evidence our borders are wide open!

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This article was just posted on the New York Magazine website:

“NYPD Officers to Start Carrying Heroin Antidote”

If you couple this article with my article: “Cartel Billboards: A Sign of the Times?  you can quickly determine that our borders are not secure and the damage being done reaches clear across the United States.

My article was predicated on a series of disturbing news articles about billboards in El Paso, Texas emblazoned with a slogan that has become all too familiar in Mexico, “Silver or Lead.”  The purpose of that terse message is that law enforcement authorities from police officers to prosecutors to judges and high-level government officials have a choice- take the silver (a bribe) or die when lead bullets fired at them by the cartels.

Near one of the billboards in El Paso, a mannequin attired in a black suit swung from the end of a noose.  In Mexico the cartels don’t use mannequins but the bodies of their victims who decided, apparently, to not take the bribe.

Here is an excerpt from my article:

On May 20, 2014 the New York City Council conducted a hearing focused on the skyrocketing increase of heroin inundating New York City.

Here is how the CBS report began:

That’s the warning from the city’s special narcotics prosecutor, Bridget Brennan, who told a City Council hearing Tuesday that the amount of heroin sold by New York City-based drug traffickers is skyrocketing.

“So far we’ve seized 288 pounds (in 2014), and that’s in four and a half months — compared to last year, when during the entire year we seized about 177 pounds,” Brennan said. ” … Obviously, we’re going to surpass last year.”

This year’s heroin seizures have already exceeded those in every year dating back to 1991, WCBS 880?s Irene Cornell reported.

It has been said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Prevention in this case should be two-fold having our borders made truly secure and educating the public about the serious dangers posed by drug use.  In this era of news conferences and statements by our elected officials about eating healthy- cut down on salt, cut down on sugar, cut down on dietary fats, etc, etc. why is there not a single commercial “out there” warning about the perils associated with heroin, cocaine and other such illegal substances?
It is important to save the lives of those who overdose on heroin- HOWEVER, our borders are not secure and there are no meaningful efforts being mounted to educate people, especially young people, about the dangers of drug addiction.  Think of the anti-smoking ads and how effective they have been.
Most crime, especially violent crime, has a direct or indirect nexus with illegal drugs.
The proceeds from the sale of drugs goes into the coffers of the drug trafficking organizations (DTO’s) and terrorist organizations.
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