"Keeping Track of Visa Violators – The overlooked source of the nation’s illegal immigration problems that people are finally talking about"

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One thought on “"Keeping Track of Visa Violators – The overlooked source of the nation’s illegal immigration problems that people are finally talking about"”

  1. Mr. Cutler,
    I too worked the illegal immigration for several years, but not to the level you have. I met you several times during that time including the Minuteman national conference here in Kansas City.
    Over the years after nearly bankrupting myself over the issue, I finally saw the light on my last trip to the border in Oct. 2013. I took a personal survey as I traveled from KC to Three Points, AZ. for a Minuteman Reunion at the King Anvil Ranch. I was totally dismayed (for lack of any other description) of what I observed. The entire SW is actually owned and controlled by Mexico. There was a major migration in progress all across I-8 and I-10, with very few people other than Mex. and other S. American peoples on the highways and I’m talking tens of thousands that I saw over a one month period. Every gas station, fast food establishment, every rest area, and all highways were crammed to the max. I had a hard time getting gas and food because of the language barrier EVERYWHERE! Nearly all employees were Hispanic and everyone had an outward persona about them that disturbed me (like what the f– are you doing here gringo?) I felt like a foreigner in my own damn country, there is something wrong with that picture.
    I remember a statement that my brother made to me way back in 2006 and which really made me mad then, but I now realize was indeed a fact that I was to dumb to see or realize—(“You are a fool for risking life and fortune for a lost cause”). He was indeed right, 100%, this country is lost, we have been overrun and continue to be to this day and there is nothing we or you can do about it. Until there is a change in our own corrupt government that is condoning and encouraging this invasion from all over the world and working towards a new world order, we will continue towards the black hole and collapse of our once powerful and beloved nation. I pray that Trump is for real and will become our next President, but I fear that is probably to good to be true. One can only pray for the survival of our nation.
    With more than 50 million illegals, more than 30 million anchor babies, and millions of Muslim terrorist (and I mean MUSLIM TERRORIST) being brought into our country by our damn government traitors, the future of our country looks very sad indeed.
    I thank you for your service to our country, and for all the minutemen and women who have raised the alarm and tried to slow the flow of illegals into this country. But in my opinion it has all been for nothing, it hasn’t slowed the flow of people or drugs coming across our border one iota, it just keeps coming and coming with no end in sight.
    Just my opinion and you know what they say about that.
    Al Davies

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