For All Too Many Americans “The American Dream” Is Now The “Impossible Dream” – my article for Progressives For Immigration Reform

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Often when I am invited on various radio and television programs, the hosts of those programs want to focus on illegal immigration.  Undoubtedly illegal immigration creates huge problems for the United States.  Aliens who evade the inspections process conducted at ports of entry are an important component of the many failures of the immigration system.
However, even the supposed legal immigration system is not without huge problems.  There is a lack of integrity to the process by which applications for various immigration benefits are adjudicated.  Fraud permeates the process and as a consequence, national security is often compromised.  Additionally, the ability of American workers of every race, religion and ethnicity is also undermined by providing an ever increasing number of foreign workers with employment authorization- giving them an equal standing in an overflowing labor pool that is already unable to find work.
We have become so accustomed to being lied to by our own government.  When the Labor Department quotes unemployment statistics in the mid-5% range while everyone know that they are utterly ignoring tens of millions of unemployed and underemployed American workers, most Americans just shrug their shoulders and accept the fact that their dreams and aspirations and the hopes that they have for their children and their grandchildren are not of the slightest importance to the great majority of elected officials who are supposed to represent them on the city, state or federal level.
To put it succinctly, this is not my parents’ America!  
Mr. Obama promised us change but this is not change for the better!  However, the Republican leadership has done nothing to stop the trajectory of the immigration crisis because they also want to flood America with increasing numbers of foreign workers, foreign tourists and foreign students.
The new “buzz word” is “Wage Equality” and the administration has been touting how increasing the minimum wage for workers in the United States will help achieve that supposed important goal.  The media have blindly followed the lead provided by Mr. Obama and Ms Clinton and others calling for “Wage Equality.”  Yet no one has yet asked the obvious question- one that I take on in my most recent article for Progressives for Immigration Reform that not only asks that question, but makes it clear that once again American political leaders, at the highest level of our government, aided and abetted by journalists who are either complicit or dumb, are scamming the citizens of our nation.
Here is the link to my commentary- additionally, I have attached this commentary, in its entirety, to the bottom of this e-mail:

For All Too Many Americans “The American Dream” Is Now The “Impossible Dream”

If you wish to see more of my materials that I have furnished to Progressives for Immigration Reform, check out the link:  PFIR archives for Michael Cutler’s articles, policy brief and video.  

It is important to understand that as some politicians are claiming, that all that our nation needs to do is to “First secure the border before dealing with a population of unknown millions of illegal aliens with lawful status” is not only not a solution but provides camouflage for continuing more of the same and, perhaps, even accelerate the undermining of American workers by dramatically increasing the number of high-tech workers.

I addressed this outrageous false assertion and “solution” in my article for the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s FrontPage:

 The ‘Secure Our Border First Act’ Deception » Why it’s no solution to the immigration crisis.

 by  February 5 2015 / 26 Comments / Read More »

I addressed the many components of the dysfunctional immigration system that go well beyond the obvious failure of the administration to secure the border that is supposed to separate the United States from Mexico in my July 7, 2014 article for FrontPage Magazine:

Border Security and the Immigration Colander

On February 17, 2015 CAPS (Californians for Population Stabilization) posted my most recent commentary:

Effective Immigration Law Enforcement is ‘Pro-Immigrant,’ Compassionate

The Winter Edition of The Social Contract published my article:
This was also the underlying theme of my recent article for Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS):

For America to Do Well, Americans Must Do Well

Having recently become a contributor to Progressives For Immigration Reform (PFIR) I believe it is important to know that as the name of the organization implies, they are a politically “Liberal” organization.  It is vital to understand that contrary to the propaganda being spewed by the “open borders immigration anarchists” concerns about the many failures of the immigration system is not limited to those who possess a politically “Conservative” perspective but is an issue that should be of great concern to all Americans irrespective of political orientation.   Immigration is not about “left” or “right” but about right or wrong.

On November 15th I was honored to join three true leaders in the United States Congress in a panel discussion on immigration- Senator Jeff Sessions and Congressmen Louis Gohmert and John Fleming.  A video of this panel discussion has been posted on the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s website under the title, 

“Immigration Wars”

The perspectives of these true leaders are well worth listening to.
During my remarks at the panel discussion,  I referenced an Op-Ed I had written for the Washington Times in which I articulated my concerns about the previous attempt to enact Comprehensive Immigration Reform in my Op-Ed that the Washington Times published on June 22, 2007 and that Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama quoted from, on three separate dates, from the floor of the U.S. during the contentious floor debates.  In my piece I recommended that Comprehensive Immigration Reform be given a more honest and descriptive title, I suggested that it be renamed the “Terrorist Assistance and Facilitation Act!”  

I recommend you review Senator Session’s statement on June 27, 2007 from the floor of the U.S. Senate on the Immigration Bill in which the Senator made reference to my suggested new name to that disastrous legislation in my Washington Times Op-Ed.  His impassioned pleas to his colleagues averted a catastrophe and that legislation was defeated.  However, not unlike Freddy Krueger, Comprehensive Immigration Reform has been brought back to life through the unilateral actions of President Obama and his proposed executive actions.  Furthermore, there are politicians from both parties willing to give this legislative betrayal of America and Americans CPR!

My Op-Ed was entitled:

Immigration bill a ‘No Go’

During my remarks I also made note of the excellent documentary produced by the Tea Party Patriots in which Senator Sessions and Congressmen Louis Gohmert and Steve King were interviewed.  I am proud to also appear in this film that is entitled,  “The Border States of America.”  The subtitle of this film makes the importance and relevance of the immigration crisis clear to all Americans:  “Every State is Now a Border State.”  I am also proud to have been interviewed with for this important film.
On November 10, 2014 Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) posted my commentary:
On October 30, 2014 FrontPage Magazine published my article:
One of the issues I raised in that article was how Chuck Schumer, one of the “Eight Gangsters” who concocted “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” legislation (S 744) had recently stood before the television cameras and forest of radio and TV microphones and railed about how there had been a series of trespassers who took down the American flags on the Brooklyn Bridge, hung a Palestinian flag on the Manhattan bridge and carried out a base jump from the World Trade Center.  Schumer declared that the way to deter trespassing is to increase the maximum punishment for the crime of trespassing from the current one year in prison to a maximum of five years in prison.  He said that if trespassers were arrested they should face the maximum penalty because trespassing poses a threat to public safety.
As I noted in my article, Schumer, and former Mayor Bloomberg who also demanded that trespassers who trespassed into public housing projects be prosecuted to deter that crime, both demonstrated an acute lack of mouth/ear coordination.  Their own ears cannot hear what comes out of their won mouths!  They are not stupid but apparently expect Americans to be stupid!  The solution to aliens who trespass on the United States is to deter that form of trespassing the very same way- arrest those who violate the laws and punish them!  This is not hard to figure out- the issue is that these “leaders” don’t want to stop illegal immigration but make remove the distinction between legal immigration as compared with legal immigration!

The importance of our borders and our immigration laws cannot be overemphasized.  In the war on terror and transnational gangs, they are our first line of defense and our last line of defense against international terrorists and transnational criminals.  They are equally important to American workers who are facing unfair competition from foreign workers, aided and abetted by the administration and advocates for “Sanctuary Cities” and Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  

The starting point for any conversation or legislation concerning immigration must be the findings and recommendations of the 9/11 Commission which determined that a lack of border security, including the visa process. and fraud in the immigration benefits program enabled terrorists to enter and embed themselves in the United States, as they went about their deadly preparations.

In his historic speech before the 3rd Army on May 31, 1944, General George S. Patton said, on the strategy of holding a position:

We’re not holding anything, we’ll let the Hun do that. We are advancing constantly, and we’re not interested in holding onto anything except the enemy.”

Pushing back against Comprehensive Immigration Reform is the same as holding position. The time has come for us to advance by demanding that our borders be made truly secure and our immigration laws be effectively administered and enforced.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform violates all of the findings and recommendations of the 9/11 Commission but no one is willing to even consider how the lack of real border security and the lack of real integrity to the various components of the immigration system imperil national security and public safety.

Immigration is not a single issue but a singular issue that impacts nearly every challenge and threat confronting the United States today!  Simply stated, the immigration laws were enacted to save lives and protect the jobs of American workers.

It is not “Anti-Immigrant” to be “Pro-American!”

Our armed forces are charged with securing America’s borders externally while the DHS is supposed to secure those same borders from within.  The failures of the DHS to live up to its half of the equation are undermining the efforts, valor and incredible sacrifices of Americas men and women who serve in our military!

If our government’s failures to protect American jobs by securing our nation’s borders and effectively enforcing our immigration laws concerns you or especially if it angers you, I ask you to call your Senators and Congressional “Representative. This is not only your right- it is your obligation! 

All I ask is that you make it clear to our politicians that we are not as dumb as they hope we are!

We live in a perilous world and in a perilous era. The survival of our nation and the lives of our citizens hang in the balance.

This is neither a Conservative issue, nor is it a Liberal issue- simply stated, this is most certainly an AMERICAN issue!

You are either part of the solution or you are a part of the problem!

Democracy is not a spectator sport!

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

-michael cutler- 

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Periodically “buzz words” catch hold and influence debates and public opinion. Today one of the most powerful and evocative of such phrases is “Income Equality.”

Ask most Americans if they support “income equality” and you are likely to get an immediate affirmative response. Most people think that making incomes more equal would be helpful to them. Of course the one question that is never asked is, “who would be made more equal to whom?”

News reports play up the fact that only a very small percentage of people control a huge and growing percentage of the world’s wealth. On November 8, 2014 a study reported on by the Pew Research Center provided sobering information: “With 41% of global wealth in the hands of less than 1%, elites and citizens agree inequality is a top priority.”

The title of that report may make it appear that the wealthy are benevolently concerned about the plight of their less well-off and, indeed, poverty stricken fellow human beings, hold off your praise for them.

Go back to that question about who should be made more equal to whom and add to it this fundamental question, “how should wage equality be achieved?”

President Obama has said that in the interests of “wage equality” minimum wages must be raised. He has spoken about making the new federal minimum wage $10.10 per hour. To this I respond, do the math!

Presuming that an employee earns the president’s proposed new and improved minimum wage and works 40 hours per day for an entire year, that person’s earnings would amount to $21,008.00 per year. How does this help combat wage inequality? It is insulting to imagine that the president would actually suggest that this is the way to fight wage inequality.

However, let us remember to ask the first question in discussing wage equality – “who would be made more equal to whom?”

Clearly the working poor will remain the working poor! Fast food restaurant workers have demonstrated demanding that they be paid $15.00 per hour. Again we must do the math. If these workers were paid $15.00 per hour and worked a 40 hour work week for an entire year, they would gross all of $31,200.00 annually.

How would even this increase in wages help address wage inequality, especially as the extremely wealthy become even wealthier and costs for essential services and commodities continue to rise?

The answer is quite simple although perhaps not readily apparent. Wage equality has nothing to do with the extremely wealthy or even the moderately wealthy – it is about the gap separating middle class workers from the working poor. However, even with modest pay raises, the gap between the middle class and the working poor will not be reduced simply by increasing the meager wages of America’s poor. However, as outrageous as this is, our political elite and their wealthy campaign contributors (bribers?) have found a way to achieve a reduction in “wage inequality”- by lowering the wages of already struggling middle class, highly skilled and educated workers in the high-tech industries.

If middle class workers earned less money, inequality in wages between the middle class and the working poor could be reduced.

In fact, if this is not sufficiently effective, the next step would be to displace middle class American workers with foreign workers altogether.

This may seem like an insane concept but this is precisely what Alan Greenspan, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank called for nearly 6 years ago, on April 6, 2009 in his prepared testimonywhen he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security that was at the time, chaired by New York’s Senator Chuck Schumer at a hearing on the topic, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2009, Can We Do It and How?”

Here is a quote from Greenspan’s testimony that leaves no doubt as to his concept of what “income inequality” is and how it can be reduced:

“The second bonus (in greatly increasing the number of H-1B visas) would address the increasing concentration of income in this country. Greatly expanding our quotas for the highly skilled would lower wage premiums of skilled over lesser skilled. Skill shortages in America exist because we are shielding our skilled labor force from world competition. Quotas have been substituted for the wage pricing mechanism. In the process, we have created a privileged elite whose incomes are being supported at noncompetitively high levels by immigration quotas on skilled professionals. Eliminating such restrictions would reduce at least some of our income inequality.”

There could not be a more infuriating statement or ultimate goal as concocted by Alan Greenspan at the behest of Chuck Schumer to –  “. . .address the increasing concentration of income in this country” by forcing American workers to compete with foreign workers. This is nothing short of a betrayal of American workers and their families by creating a true “race to the bottom!”

Claims about a lack of an adequate number of highly-skilled and qualified American workers is as false as the unemployment stats that ignore the plight of tens of millions of unemployed and underemployed American workers. On May 16, 2014 Breitbart posted an article with a crystal clear title, Scholars Debunk Claims of High-Tech Workers Shortage, Question Industry’s ‘Free Pass

On September 16, 2014 the Center for American Progress published an article, “What the New Census Data Show About the Continuing Struggles of the Middle Class” that included this statement:

The clearest indicator of the continuing struggles of the middle class has been the failure of the national median income to rebound to pre-recession levels and its overall decline over the past 14 years. In 2013, the typical middle-class household earned an income of $51,939, which was a statistically insignificant $181* above their inflation-adjusted 2012 income level but still nearly $4,500 below what they earned before the start of the Great Recession in 2007. Of greater concern, however, is that middle-class incomes have been either stagnant or declining since peaking in 1999. As a result, the median household in the United States is now actually earning less than it did in 1989—nearly a quarter of a century ago.

Even while the president cynically dangles the possibility of providing a free two year college education for American students, more American students, including those with 4 year degrees in the STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) disciplines are finding it increasingly difficult to find work in their chosen fields and Americans who had been successfully working in those fields are being laid off. Off course the coincidence cannot be ignored that when those college kids leave college in two years, Mr. Obama will be leaving the White House leaving yet another mess for his successor to have to deal with.

The problem is that whoever succeeds Mr. Obama will likely be of a similar mindset because today, political leaders from both major parties, stand with the mega-wealthy and not with the citizens of our nation who have elected them to their positions, in point of fact, on April 21, 2014 the Washington Times published a succinct but extremely disconcerting article, the title of which says it all: “America is an oligarchy, not a democracy or republic, university study finds.”

On July 22, 2014 FrontPage Magazine published my article, “Immigration ‘Reform’: Engineered Destruction of the Middle Class” -The real reason high-tech titans are lining up behind the amnesty effort.

Meanwhile the administration is providing huge opportunities for “DREAMERS”- illegal aliens who may be as old as 31 years of age, evoking the image of the “American Dream” even as that dream becomes ever more elusive for Americans, especially within America’s minority communities. Such “dreams” are more properly referred to as nightmares for America’s struggling working poor.


Michael W. Cutler is a former Special Agent with the INS, where his career spanned nearly 30 years. Mr. Cutler has provided expert witness testimony at more than a dozen Congressional hearings. He has testified before the 9/11 Commission and regularly provides expert testimony at state legislative hearings and in trials where immigration is at issue. Michael Cutler can be reached through his website, that contains his commentaries, Congressional testimony and links to his appearances on national television news programs and other public venues.

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