A bit of humor from Morley Safer of 60 Minutes…

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I don’t usually forward humorous stuff, but sometimes an item

is just too good not to forward- that is the case today.

But first a bit of background…

As I searched for the material contained in a segment that was part of the 60 Minutes program yesterday, for a commentary I was working on, I happened upon a brief segment of a speech given by Morley Safer of the 60 Minutes crew.  What he said was part of the eulogy for Mike Wallace who died several months ago.  You may or may not know that I was fortunate to have had about a half dozen lengthy phone conversations with Mike Wallace since the attacks of 9/11.  The last time I spoke with him was a couple of years ago- he had called me and we chatted for nearly an entire hour.  Unfortunately I had to run some time-critical errands and to my great disappointment- I had to end the conversation before I would have wanted to.  Mike was always extremely supportive of my efforts to enlighten our fellow Americans and our leaders about the clear nexus between immigration and many issues- especially where national security was concerned.  
(You may not know that I had been contacted by one of the producers who worked with Steve Kroft days after the attacks of 9/11- they very much wanted me to go on camera to discuss the immigration component of 9/11.  Inasmuch as I still carried an INS badge I knew that I would be hammered for going on camera without permission.  Furthermore- I already knew that I might go before Congress without authority so I had to really pick and choose my battles.  However, I must have had about 20 or 30 phone conversations with that producer to help them get their story right.  I even helped them vet the guy (a retired District Director) who ultimately did appear on camera.)
Therefore when I happened upon this brief piece where Morley spoke about two incidents- the latter of the two involving a hilarious spoof that they played on “tough guy” Wallace, a journalist whose reputation was that he was a no-nonsense guy who could not be hoodwinked I just had to share it with you!
I thought you would want to start your week with a chuckle!
-michael cutler-

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