On the radio Friday, December 2nd on my show "The Michael Cutler Hour"

Hi Gang:

Happy Friday!

Later today at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, as I do on every Friday evening, I will be hosting my show, the Michael Cutler Hour on the USA Talk Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio.

There is no shortage of madness to be found in our nation these days, especially where the immigration issue is concerned!  We certainly are bordering on Bedlam!

Joining me this evening will be David Stoddard, a retired supervisory Border Patrol agent who served in the Border Patrol from 1969 until his retirement in 1996.  We will be discussing the lunacy that now exists along the border that is supposed to separate our nation for Mexico and how things have changed in past several decades.


I invite you to call in and join the discussion.

The call-in number for a live show is 310-982-4145

Here is the link to the show:
I hope you will listening!  (Please tell your friends and neighbors!)

-michael cutler-

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The Michael Cutler Hour 
Friday7pm Eastern

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  USA Talk Radio

The call-in number for a live show is 310-982-4145

Call in via Skype for free here
(while show is Live)


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