Video of my interview on Newsmax-TV: "The Hard Line | Michael W. Cutler – INS change needed to keep America safe"

Hi Gang:
On Thursday, December 10th I was a guest on The Hard Line, a Newsmax-TV program hosted by Ed Berliner.  A link to a video of that interview has been posted on the Newsmax website:
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The Hard Line | Michael W. Cutler – INS change needed to keep America safe

Retired senior special agent with the INS joins The Hard Line to discuss the many failures of our immigration system since the 1980s and how that has left us open to possible terrorists entering the country. Cutler wants to move agents from other detail, possibly from the war on drugs and have them focus more on homegrown terror.

In the wake of a string of terror attacks both in the United States as well as overseas, suddenly the absurd and irrational notion that the immigration crisis can be solved by simply securing the US/Mexican border has evaporated.
My only questions is, “What took them- the journalists and politicians so long to figure this out?”
I have an article in the works about the what really needs to be done to protect our nation against the threat of international terrorists.  But meanwhile, I ask that you watch the video of my interview with Ed Berliner on his Newsmax-TV program, The Hard Line.

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